Orange feeling? Orange Orbit.

Does the orange feeling flow in the blood and do you have a passion for the good cause? Not just 8 days in the summer, but all year round. Then join Orange Orbit.

You can influence the creation of Denmark's largest non-profit festival – help choose donation recipients, how the festival will look and who should play at Roskilde Festival next year. 

Relive your greatest concert experiences as exclusive content and get pre-access to special camping, pit wristbands and good vibes with sneak peeks and events all year round. Gilded memories and those that await when the sun paints the square orange. Gathered one place.

All it requires is a profile. And it's free.

Orange Orbit is for anyone who wants to join. We hope you will. Orange feeling. All year.

Orange Orbit is accessible in our app. However, later on it will also be available on our new website. Just open or download our app, create an Orange Orbit account or log in and read more about Orange Orbit and get an overview of the current perks.