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Please note that you still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival.

Deadline 22 April 2019 at 12:00

Leave No Trace is a new area at Roskilde Festival that aims to provide camps a chance to build, share and implement their wildest ideas regarding sustainability, environment and community building. This year we’re working towards creating an even better community for sharing ideas, tips and methods to create the nicest, most interesting, comfortable and sustainable camp area. Join the party, while minimising the environmental footprint. Together we’ll create the festival of the future!

This year we’re zooming in on plastic and its massive strain on the environment. At the festival, large amounts of plastic are generated, something we want to minimise at Leave No Trace. Especially the use of white pavilions, blue air mattresses and other disposable items that are difficult to reuse and recycle. We want you to consider and reflect upon this problem.

We are working with three main focuses:

  • Energy - wind, kinetic, solar or other green forms of energy creation.
  • Nourishment – food, drinks, packaging and everything we consume at the festival.
  • Upcycling – creative use of materials and recycling, fixing, extending the life of products and sharing innovative ideas to improve your camp.

We’re looking for those of you who want to dream big, share knowledge and skills, create and host events, and leave absolutely no trace. We give you the space and opportunity to share it with your neighbours at our hangout area and stage, Forum, which is the center of Leave No Trace.

Apply with your camp for a chance to get a reserved spot, start the process of developing your sustainable camp and realize your ideas with other like-minded camps.