Our partners

Roskilde Festival partners up with companies and brands in order to both develop and organise the festival. These partnerships and brands contribute to the Roskilde Festival legacy of being a unique, international event that cannot be copied anywhere in the world.



For decades, Tuborg has been our main partner. Since 1992, we have worked together on the development of Roskilde Festival. In recent years, the ecological transformation and the recycled glasses have been projects that have particularly contributed to a better and more sustainable festival.


Andel and Roskilde Festival share a common vision and ambition to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Besides both parties being rooted in Zealand, we share an important value centred around community. There is a need for communities that lead the way in the fight to stop climate change and create a green future for everyone. 

Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound is the official sound partner of Roskilde Festival. The sound partnership aims to leverage the strengths of the iconic music festival and the world-leading manufacturer of professional audio systems to elevate the festival experience for artists and fans alike. Nearly 1,000 Meyer Sound loudspeakers are deployed across all festival stages and performance spaces.


The idea behind Volt started at Roskilde Festival in 2011, and since the first test in 2012 Volt have delivered portable charging at more than 200 events worldwide, charging more than a million phones. Apart from the portable charger, Volt also develop mobile digital services for festivals and events.