Estee Nack



Rapper with ties to the Griselda collective combines raw boom bap with spiritual jazz

  • Wednesday 3 July
    19:45, Gaia

There's usually a good reason to listen up when hip hop collective Griselda Records raise their voices. Over the past few years, the prolific collective has introduced us to a wide range of essential artists that combine authentic hip-hop nerve with bubbling creativity.

Massachusetts rapper Estee Nack is one of the newest additions. He himself hails from the important New England collective Tragic Allies, who, like Griselda, build on the hard boom bap style pioneered by the Wu-Tang Clan and others.

Since one of the Griselda founders, Westside Gunn, has become a personal ambassador for Estee Nack, his music has gained many dedicated fans. Gunn, of course, also appears on Estee Nack's mixtape Nacksaw Jim Duggan, released in 2023 on Griselda. A strong testament to Estee Nack's personal style, combining old school boom bap and raw lyricism with inspirations from spiritual jazz names like John Coltrane and an almost psychedelic tone.

Since the Griselda album, the prolific rapper has already dropped several releases at an almost dizzying speed. We look forward to experiencing his immense creative energy and jazzy take on boom bap rap at Roskilde this summer.