A liberating explosion of experimental hip hop and psychedelic soul

  • Monday 1 July
    18:30, Gaia

With roots in Louisiana and a base in Aarhus, Jeremy Troy brings new nuances to the Danish hip-hop scene. With an experimental approach and an eclectic vision of blending hip-hop with psychedelic soul, UK bass and krautrock elements, he has attracted attention both in Denmark and internationally.

Even before he has released music under his own name, he has already made a name for himself as a fantastic performer with a mission to convey energy and liberation. He certainly lives up to that mission when he and his amazing team of musicians embark on a sweaty and playful musical mix, while challenging conventional ideas about gender on stage.

In 2023, the debut single "Flower" finally arrived, followed by the psychedelic gem "Moonlight". More music is on the way from this creative explosion of a musician whose liberation mantras will no doubt take Roskilde by storm.