Beauty, horror and anti-fascist queer metal

  • Wednesday 3 July
    21:00, Avalon

Grief and anger, but also a fragile hope are embraced by American duo Ragana, whose 2023 album Desolation's Flower has given them a solid breakthrough on the alternative metal scene. 

The album was named "album of the week" on Stereogum and "best new music" on Pitchfork, and Ragana, who describe their music as queer and anti-fascist black metal/doom, have also become a highly sought-after live name. 

The duo has its roots in the punk scene and has been in the underground since 2011, where they have built a name for themselves through a series of exciting albums and collaborations with bands like Thou. They have gradually developed their personal expression with inspiration from ecological black metal band Wolves in the Throne Room, but also with ethereal and almost folk-tinged layers that are rooted in a love of names like Mt. Eerie and Grouper. The mix gives them a foothold between crushing darkness and a fragile beauty encapsulated in the closing mantra of Desolation's Flower: "We live in the light of the burning world". 

Ragana's doomsday music insists on confronting the horror and destruction, but their songs are also a celebration of the communities we can come together to resist fascism and hatred. 

Get ready for a unique and immersive concert experience at eye level. Ragana will take over the floor itself for a very special floor show at Avalon, which is dedicated to extreme and punk music all Wednesday. Expect intense performances, stage changes at the speed of sound, and outstanding musicality that goes straight to the heart – and right in the face.