Solidaritet Og Håb

Solidarity and hope in the shadow of a tragic conflict


Our thoughts on how we, as a non-profit festival, can promote community and understanding in relation to the situation in Gaza.

Roskilde Festival has historically been shaped by a movement that believed in the future and dreamed of creating a better world.

Our charitable festival was created to make a difference for others. We exist to support the opportunities of children and young people. 

We hold the values of humanity and community close to our hearts when we organize our annual event. Our dream is to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. To give hope to new generations.

There is a need for hope and community in the world in 2024. 

With the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, climate change, famine, and a democratic crisis, we find ourselves in a time of unrest and unpredictability and great human suffering. 

It affects and impacts us all – not least the children and young people who will carry the world forward. 

Right now, the situation in Gaza is utterly heartbreaking and catastrophic. 

We support the demands for an immediate ceasefire and access for humanitarian aid, as voiced by politicians and relief organizations in much of the international community. 

Hamas' attacks, kidnappings, and killings of civilians on October 7th were brutal and horrendous.

The Israeli government's attacks on an entire population, where thousands of children and young people have died in Gaza according to the UN, are inhumane and should only be condemned. 

The war in Gaza has cost thousands of lives. We stand on the side of the civilians in relation to the war in Gaza.

Therefore, it is crucial that we stand together. That we can meet across opinions and beliefs to help people in need and find solutions. To contribute to peace.

Both this year and in previous years, we have made donations to humanitarian efforts in Palestine. This year with a special focus on the aid work in Gaza. This year's festival will include words, thoughts, and perspectives on the current situation.

Festivals are meeting places for attitudes and differences. We have a special potential to open up new perspectives on the world and for dialogue between people.

Roskilde Festival holds a special position and binding responsibility as the absolutely largest cultural gathering place for young people in Denmark.

For us, this means two things. 

We must lead the way in creating change and a sustainable future – even when it's hard. 

And we must provide space, room, and voice to those who can be part of making the change. We must be the amplifier we can be. To give voice, inspire, and instill hope. 

That's why we present artists from all over the world. That's why human rights, the fight against climate change, solidarity, and optimism for the future are on the agenda. 

That's why we support initiatives and projects fighting for human rights and artistic freedom of expression. That's why we donate the financial proceeds to humanitarian organizations that assist civilians in some of the world's worst hotspots. 

That's why we insist on dialogue and on creating space for conversation and meetings between people with different perspectives. 

This is how we, as a festival, can make a difference.


All profits from Roskilde Festival are donated to humanitarian, charitable, and cultural work for the benefit of especially children and young people. These donations have supported people in Palestine and Gaza.

  • 2024: Doctors Without Borders (436,411 DKK) 
    Focus on medical aid work in Gaza and the immediate surrounding areas.  
  • 2024: Danish Red Cross (665,000 DKK) 
    In support of a collaboration with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Focus on psychosocial support for children and young people in Gaza and PRCS’ volunteers and staff.
  • 2018: Sharek Youth Forum (435,000 DKK) 
    The purpose of Sharek Youth Forum is to create a space for Palestinian youth, where young people can meet, develop ideas, and be creative.
  • 2015: Danish Red Cross (900,000 DKK) 
    For collaboration with Palestinian Red Crescent – Young Men's Resilience Programme within psychosocial emergency packages.
  • 2014: Danish Red Cross (400,000 DKK) 
    For collaboration with Palestinian Red Crescent – Young Men's Resilience Programme within psychosocial emergency packages.
  • 2011: Engineers Without Borders (50,000 DKK) 
    For a project on the electrical supply system in the West Bank, Palestine.
  • 2010: Engineers Without Borders (150,000 DKK) 
    For a technical-humanitarian student project between Engineers Without Borders in Denmark, Israel, and Palestine, where students collaborate on establishing a solar panel system in Em-El-Khar on the West Bank. 
  • 2007: Hoping Foundation (UK) (123,500 DKK) 
    Support for Palestinian refugee children and their families, who, due to economic, social, or other circumstances, are in need in refugee camps in the Middle East.