Apart from regular camping (included in your full festival ticket), we also offer a number of Special Camping products.

We also offer a number of unique audience-driven communities where you help shape the look and feel of the area.

The camping area opens Saturday 25 June. The main festival site opens Wednesday 29 June at 17:00.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, please have a look at our Q&A. Here we answer the most frequently asked. If it doesn’t answer your question, please write to us at

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Full Festival Ticket:
Tickets to the entire festival from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 3 July when the campsite closes. Price: DKK 2250 ex. fee. The days with full music schedules are the last four days of the festival, from 29 June to 2 July.

'Under 25' ticket
From Tuesday 30 November 2021 we sell 5000 extra tickets. The cover the entire festival period (25 June - 3 July 2022), has the same price as normal Full Festival Tickets and are earmarked for young people under 25 years. To be specific, your birth date must be after 3 July 1997 in order to use the ‘Under 25’ ticket. Read more about this initiative

One-day ticket:
You can buy one-day tickets to the following days: Wednesday 29 June, Thursday 30 June, Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July. Every one-day ticket/wristband is valid from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day.

With a one-day wristband you have access to the same areas as with a regular festival wristband (campsite, festival site etc.).

You are only allowed inside the areas in the period the wristband is valid.

It is not allowed to stay at the campsite or any other place inside the area after the validity of the wristband from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day.

One-day tickets:

  • Wednesday 29 June: Valid from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day. Price: 1100 DKK* ex. fee
  • Thursday 30 June: Valid from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee
  • Friday 1 July: Valid from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee
  • Saturday 2 July: Valid from 8:00 (morning) until 10:00 (morning) the following day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee

*On Wednesday 29 June the festival site with stages etc. opens at 17:00.

Remember to bring your ticket, which you will have to present at the entrance. Here, it will be exchanged to a one-day wristband.

We don’t sell one-day tickets to the first four days of the festival.

Name on the ticket?
The name on the ticket does not restrict the ticket to that person. So don't worry if a friend bought your ticket or you received it as a present. You can still use it.

Buying tickets at the entrance
If tickets aren’t sold out before the festival begins, you can buy them at the entrance at a slightly higher price.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, please have a look at our Q&A. Here we answer the most frequently asked. If it doesn’t answer your question, please write to us at

You have to be at least 15 years old to be on your own at Roskilde Festival, but please remember that Roskilde Festival is a big city where everybody is partying all the time, so it is a good idea for you and your friends to stick together.

Children’s tickets (10-14 y.o.) are sold only at the entrance (regardless if the festival is sold out). In order to buy a children’s ticket, the child must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder known to the child. The child’s Social Security Card will be required.

For children aged 10-14 the price is 1300 DKK ex. fee for a full festival ticket and 500 DKK ex. fee a one-day ticket.

Children under 10 years of age have free admittance if accompanied by an adult known to the child with a valid Roskilde Festival wristband.

Young people aged 15 or older are charged full ticket price.

Please note that it is illegal in Denmark to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in bars and restaurants. Supermarkets can sell alcohol (below 16,5%) to customers aged 16.

The camping area opens Saturday 25 June. The main festival site opens Wednesday 29 June at 17:00.

Your wristband gives you access to the festival. If your wristband is damaged or broken, please contact one of the ticket offices where the individual case will be assessed. If your wristband is stolen, you must report the theft to the police and bring a copy of the police report to the nearest ticket office where the individual case will be assessed. Stolen wristbands are usually not replaced by Roskilde Festival.

Anyone caught without a valid wristband in the festival area will be liable to pay a penalty of DKK 3,500. Ouch!

Festival site closed at night
When the last concerts are over we close the festival site for the night. We open the gates again at 10:00 the following morning. We do this in order to clear space for deliveries of beer, water, food, etc., and to clean up the site.

Roskilde Festival reserves the right to make changes in the programme. No reimbursement is issued in case of artist cancellationsReimbursement is only offered in case of cancellation of the entire festival. If the entire festival is cancelled, tickets will only be refunded to the original buyer of the tickets. Roskilde Festivals ticket provider, Ticketmaster Danmark, is not liable for the refunds in case of a cancellation of the entire festival. The purchaser of the ticket cannot claim any liability towards Ticketmaster in connection with the event, including Roskilde Festivals cancellation of it or other deficiencies relating to the event. Any requests in this regard should be made to Roskilde Festival.  
Service charges, fees and potential delivery charges from Ticketmaster are not refunded.  
You can see your current reservations and purchases online on “My Account” on Ticketmaster.

Didn't get your ticket in time? We recommend that you either:

  • You can also contact Ticketmaster at +45 70 15 65 65 in case any tickets are available for sale through Ticketmaster’s exchange service.

Can I check if my ticket is valid if I bought it somewhere else (Viagogo, DBA etc.)?
No, the only way to make sure you purchase a valid ticket is by signing up to our waiting list.

Can I swap my one-day ticket to a full festival ticket?
Nope, tickets can't be swapped or changed to another type of ticket.

I bought a ticket/product that I no longer need. What to do?
You can sell your tickets through Ticketmaster’s exchange service. Please note that you can only use this service to sell products that are sold out.

But... it looks like there are still tickets on Viagogo and other vendors?
We strongly advise against buying tickets through any other vendor than Ticketmaster. Tickets sold anywhere else are often sold at a higher price and aren't necessarily valid.

Other questions?
Please get in touch with Ticketmaster if you have any further questions about tickets.

Want a specific type of food? It shouldn’t be a problem at Roskilde Festival.

We have about 80 food stalls. You can always get your greasy burger but we want to do so much more to satisfy the very different taste buds at the festival. We also do lots of food events where you can see how it's possible to make gourmet, experimental or something third at a festival.

If you are allergic to something, you should know that every stall has to sign the contents of their dishes and be able to account for the ingredients. 90% of all ingredients are organic.

If you’re vegetarian you should know that all food stalls serve up at least one veggie meal, and many of them are vegan as well.

Can I bring a companion to Roskilde Festival?

If you are disabled and need to bring a companion with you to Roskilde Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. As proof of your needs you must be able to present

  • A companion card issued by Danske Handicaporganisationer or
  • A corresponding foreign card (see list below).

If you do not have such a card but nevertheless believe that you are eligible to bring a companion with you for free, please write to

How will my companion gain access?

  • If you are a guest, you must purchase a Disabled-with-Companion ticket at Ticketmaster. They are sold both as full festival tickets and one-day tickets. If you’ve already bought a regular ticket, Ticketmaster can help you switch it to a Disabled with Companion ticket.
  • If you are volunteer, please contact your team leader.
  • You and your companion must accompany each other when arriving at Roskilde Festival.
  • You must be able to provide documentation for your need for a companion, either in the form of a companion card or an approval from

About companions

  • You may bring 1 companion with you to Roskilde Festival. The companion can be replaced by another during the festival: when your one companion leaves the area, another may come in and take over.
  • If you are a guest, you and your companion will receive regular wristbands. A Disabled-with-Companion ticket does not allow access to special areas. You must use the regular audience entrances.
  • If you are volunteer, your companion will have access to the same areas that you have access to.

Practical information  

  • There are many accessible toilets at Roskilde Festival. Most accessible toilets are locked so that they can only be used by people with special needs.
  • Most of the stage areas have podiums that are designed for people in wheelchairs, etc.
  • Roskilde Festival has a campsite, "Handi-camp", which is designed and reserved for guests with special needs or disabilities. If you have questions or special needs that we can take into consideration, please write to

RF Our Way (Facebook group)

Join RF Our Way on Facebook to be part of the community, ask questions and share experiences about Disability Service at Roskilde Festival.

Foreign companion cards accepted on par with a Danish companion card:

Some concerts at Roskilde Festival call for moshing, wild dancing etc. We mark the with a 'high energy' icon. If you see this icon next to an act in the schedule, expect the audience activity in front of the stage to be quite wild, and we want you to be careful if you choose to be up front.

  • We will allow moshing, dancing etc. at these concerts.
  • Do notice, however, that we do not allow crowd surfing.