Language requirements: Danish or english

Age requirements: Min. 18 years old

Minimum hours:100+hours

Role: Co-creator



Team Cabling at Festival IT is responsible for "tying" all the technical gadgets together. The entire festival relies deeply on IT, and Team Cabling is one of the teams present throughout most of the festival. From wiring cash registers and card terminals in a beer booth to cabling work at the Orange Stage, Team Cabling consists of approximately 60 Volunteers & Co-Creators, making it one of the largest teams at Festival IT. We are based at Depot Vor Frue, the depot hidden behind East City.


As a Co-Creator at Team Cabling, you will join a dedicated team with a specific area of the festival assigned as your responsibility. You will work alongside experienced individuals and quickly gain greater responsibility for daily tasks. Tasks include wiring stalls, bars, internal offices, stages, etc. This involves using regular network cables, but as a Co-Creator at Team Cabling, we expect a commitment of over 100 hours. These hours fall between June 22nd and July 3rd, with the possibility of shifts during the music days, but only by arrangement.

Days start at 9:00 AM and end when we finish the day's tasks. This could be at 6:00 PM, but undoubtedly there will also be opportunities to experience the almost legendary night cabling. Consideration will be given to any requests for a day off during the period.


The task itself doesn't require specific skills, but being an electrician (or apprentice) or having another technical background is advantageous, though not required. Enthusiasm, good humor, and an ability to think creatively and find solutions are equally important. In principle, there's nothing difficult about the task we undertake, and what you might not know when we start, you'll quickly learn.


As a Co-Creator at Team Cabling – and indeed within Festival IT as a whole – you'll be part of a uniquely strong team. We have a super strong community spirit, which for many extends beyond the weeks we spend on-site. Our mantra is that it should be fun to work at the festival, and despite sometimes long, busy, and late shifts, we have fun. It's partly for this reason that we see many people return year after year.


If this sounds like something that could be interesting to you, don't hesitate. Click the apply bottom at the top of this page and send an email with any questions to the cabling team leader, and you'll quickly receive a response via email or phone.

Language requirements: Danish or english

Age requirements: Min. 18 years old

Minimum hours: 100+ hours

Role: Co-creator

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It is the responsibility of the construction team to ensure that the stage is ready when the first band takes the stage at Arena. We need people who, together with the rest of the construction team and the construction manager, take ownership of building the stage on time, and are also willing to dismantle it afterwards. There will be skilled construction workers to train you, help you get started, and ensure that you become part of the team so that ultimately we are all committed to providing our artists and audience with the best experience at Arena.


We are looking for volunteer collaborators who will join Arena's construction team in the days leading up to and after the music event. This involves a variety of tasks such as:

  • Helping to build and dismantle the stage
  • Setting up stage floors/bleachers
  • Stage dressing
  • Operating lifts and other machinery
  • Assisting with the setup/dismantling of sound/lighting
  • Elevated tasks
  • Carpentry tasks
  • Painting tasks
  • Setting up fences

These are physical tasks, and you will be active most of the time, ensuring a good night's sleep. Days can be long, as the stage must be ready on time, and we continue until we're finished (within reason). The construction team operates from June 25th (afternoon) to July 3rd (morning), as well as July 7th-8th-9th for dismantling. We need more team members than last year, so we have 8 available spots, allowing you to apply with your friends.


You don't need to be a craftsman or physically strong, as we have various tasks, but you must be able to handle physical exertion and long days, and you shouldn't be afraid of hard work. If you have experience in craftsmanship and/or operating heavy machinery, it's certainly welcome.


As part of the construction team, you'll experience a great sense of camaraderie, lots of fun, and parties, and you'll be part of Arena's team in the annual competition against other stages. You'll have time off during the music days but are always welcome backstage, where we often gather and head out to concerts together. As a volunteer at Arena, you'll get to go behind one of Roskilde's biggest stages with lots of traditions, and overall, there's a great sense of camaraderie and a good atmosphere on stage. There are several benefits to being a collaborator at Arena:

  • Sleeping wagon close to the festival area, where you can sleep throughout the festival
  • Good food served three times daily (+ snacks, toast, and beverages)
  • Volunteer gift
  • Cool backstage area with a bar, cozy sofas, and a café
  • Access to clean toilets/warm showers near the sleeping wagon and toilets backstage
  • You get to see the festival behind the scenes


Write a bit about yourself and your experiences to construction manager Holger at, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can't find a role that matches your interest and experience? Do you have special qualifications that you would like to bring to the table at Roskilde Festival? Then write to – and we will guide you in the right direction.