Dream City is characterised by being highly user-driven and Dream City’s values have been defined by the camps in the area. From this, we have constructed a camping codex where the camps internally agree on when music can be played, when the area is cleaned up and how we create a strong community that reaches far beyond the individual camp.

In Dream City, you will mainly find camps that construct buildings, but also some event camps. The input you bring to Dream City does not have to be a structure, but that is what Dream City is known for, and it is the only camping area at the festival where you have the opportunity to build a structure and become part of the city. The core values and demands made of the camps are taking responsibility for each other and the area and being environmentally sustainable. This is why a structure is not enough. Dream City focuses on quality, and you need to have planned meaningful events and input for the area, which incorporate other Dreamers and festivalgoers.

This means that in Dream City, from mid-April to the weekend before the festival begins, camps have the opportunity to spend the weekends building their projects and meet up with the other camps at our site in Roskilde.

Registration procedures: 
Dream City has a three-step application process.

  1. Apply through the application form on this page.
  2. Participate in one of the workshops offered during March and April. Workshops are postponed due to COVID-19. We are working on digital workshops in May.
  3. Participate in the opening of Dream City in May/June.

In order to participate in Dream City, you have to go through our three steps. We will contact all applicants when the dates are set..


Area H in East (see map)

Application period:

24 February at 12:00 (noon) – 16 April at 23:59.

Expected reply to application:

Beginning of May


Construction begins May/June

Opening date:

27 June at 16:00