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Please note that you still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival.

Deadline 12 April 2019

The city where dreams come true
Dream City is an audience-driven community established in 2012 at Roskilde Festival. A unique community based on sustainable and socially responsible dreams and core values like citizen-ship, innovation, co-creation and diversity. The city counts 83 camps and more than 2,000 creative dreamers who have been working together on creating the unique neighbourhood long before the festival begins.

Festival memories for everyone
The philosophy behind Dream City rests to the idea of giving ownership back to the audience and to create a network of dreamers and doers, who are devoted to the act of giving and to the idea of dreaming big. The city is driven by creative dreamers who want to elevate the festival experience by contributing with unique and sustainable ideas and dreams. It can be anything from pillow fights to funky camp monuments as long as it’s sustainable, safe and contributes to not only your own experience but also other festival guests.

A day in dream city
From early sunrise to long after sunset you can experience fun, sustainable events and lots of unique happenings In Dream City. During the day you can experience fun activities, inspiring events and eclectic chill-outs and as the sun goes down the more spectacular parties begin. With all their lights, music and endless happiness you will be sure to get an unforgettable night. You will never go empty handed when you leave Dream City – whether it’s a new friendship, dancing buddy or a beer. Whatever dreams you may have Dream City is the place to make them come true.

Be a part of a community
To stay in Dream City, you need to agree to these three dogmas:

  1. Acquire a ticket for Roskilde Festival or become a volunteer.
  2. Dream up a concept for Dream City based on The Dream Up Wheel.
  3. What you bring you must take with you again when you leave Roskilde Festival.

If you can say yes to the above, then go ahead and send us your registration before 12 April 2019.

We recommend that you read the Dream City Intro Guide, and the Dream City Safety Guide before you apply.

Dream City Intro Guide

Dream City Safety Guide