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Please note that you still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival.

Settle’n Share is a clean area placed in the upper area of P. Here 28 volunteers work all year round to make Settle’n Share a great festival experience for all our settlers.

Roskilde Festival Højskole started Settle’n Share in 2016, working with values such as community feeling, recycling and neighbourhood. The area is built on the ideas that you share with the surrounding community and that you keep the area clean at all times.

When you apply for a spot in Settle’n Share:

  • Be committed to the values and ideas of Settle’n Share
  • Develop a unique concept or event in cooperation with the rest of your camp and make sure the event involves guests or settlers from the area
  • Most importantly: Clean up after yourselves, which means you clean up during the week and take all of your possessions with you when you leave the festival.

There will be several steps from sending your application to getting your final acceptance, but you will get an answer 1 May at the latest.

For more information and inspiration, check out Roskilde Festival Højskoles homepage (only in Danish) or visit our Facebook Page Settle‘n share – Roskilde festival højskole.