Deadline 13 April 2020

Please note that you still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival.

Settle’n Share is a clean area in East with focus on the community. All year round, about 25 volunteers work on making the area one of the most community oriented of its kind. They do so by building the area around the idea that you share with your surroundings and always help each other, e.g. by keeping the area clean and tidy at all times.

That is why it is also important that the camps in our area are built on ideals of community, sustainability and good neighbourly relations.

When you apply for a spot in Settle‘n Share, you must, in collaboration with your camp, develop a unique event/concept which involves and invites the other camps in the area.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of the following three points:

1. Take your time writing one good and well thought-out application – in Settle’n Share we DO NOT work with a ”first come, first served principle”, and ALL applications received before the deadline are treated the same.
We receive a lot of applications and unfortunately do not have room for all qualified. This makes it all the more important that you make the best possible presentation of yourselves and your camp in your application.

2. During the application process, you and your Camp will be in close dialogue with an organizer from the Settle’n Share team. 
You are not ensured a spot until you have a final reply from the organizer, in the form of a confirmation or rejection, based on the dialogue.

The dialogue mainly takes place after the application deadline. A confirmation that your application has been received does not mean that you have been approved for a spot in Settle’n Share. 

3. Settle’n Share has a maximum limit of 40 people per camp. If your camp consists of more than this, e.g. 70 people, you need to apply as two separate camps.
Of course, we recommend that you stress in your application that you are attending together, but we cannot guarantee that your applications are handled by the same organizer, that both camps are approved or that your camps will be located next to each other, if both camps are approved.

If you apply as two or more camps, the camps must each have their own representative who will live in the respective camps.


Area S in East (see map)

Application period:

24 February at 12.00 (noon) – 13 April at 23.59

Expected reply to application:

1 May at the latest

Opening date:

27 June at 16.00