This area is for those of you who prefer to arrive in large buses or motorhomes that you can sleep in. The area has bathing and toilet facilities, running water, and space for tents.

In 2024, we have set up some special spots at Caravan South, where there will be room for large motorhomes and buses.

Rules for the area:

  • A bus is defined as a vehicle longer than 7.5 meters and with space for multiple guests.
  • You may set up one awning per bus. The total width of the bus and awning must not exceed 5 meters.
  • Any use of open flame is strictly prohibited.
  • Camping or parking on fire lanes is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of generator in the area.
  • Bringing furniture other than standard camping furniture is not permitted. This also includes building materials.
  • Everyone is requested to follow the rules provided by the festival's camping hosts

Remember to bring your voucher, which you need to present upon arrival at the area.

The bus will be equipped with a special permit, but passengers have access to the area with their regular festival wristbands. Upon arrival, bus passengers can exchange their festival ticket for a festival wristband in the Caravan South area. Since a festival wristband grants access to the area, you are welcome to invite other festival participants to visit.