Employees in your company can experience the Roskilde Festival together and support charitable causes through Corporate Volunteering. On 1 November 2023, we will open registration for 2024.

Every year, Roskilde Festival is created by 30,000 volunteers who work together to build "Denmark's fourth largest city" and one of Northern Europe's most important youth cultural meeting places for music, art, and activism.

Through Corporate Volunteering, your company and employees can experience the festival together and contribute to supporting the festival's charitable causes.

Donate a workday
With Corporate Volunteering, companies give their employees the opportunity to donate one or more workdays of eight hours as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival.  
Employees have the opportunity to join forces with each other in teams and solve practical tasks before, during, or after the festival together.  
Employees will naturally have access to the festival and all its experiences and concerts on the day they participate.

Charity for children and young people
Roskilde Festival is 100% non-profit and donates all proceeds to humanitarian and cultural work for the benefit of children and young people. Over the years, the festival has donated more than 400 million kroner to charity.  

Employees' volunteer efforts contribute to The Roskilde Festival Charity Society’s charity work. 
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