The concept is simple: water for water. LoveSpring donate all their profits to projects in Western Africa, building water wells in development countries. LoveSpring sell more than 35,000 water bottles every year at Roskilde Festival where they have six stalls, four bikes (all selling water!) and more than 100 volunteers helping to keep you hydrated - and making a difference for many projects in Western Africa.


The idea behind Volt started at Roskilde Festival in 2011, and since the first test in 2012 Volt have delivered portable charging at more than 200 events worldwide, charging more than a million phones. Apart from the portable charger, Volt also develop mobile digital services for festivals and events.


Soundboks was born at Roskilde Festival: the sound quality, endurance and long battery life have been developed to strengthen the colourful camping life at Roskilde Festival.


Culture is in Politiken’s DNA. At Roskilde Festival we find all aspects of culture in music, art, food, social engagement and so much more. That’s why we have teamed up!

The partnership consists of mutual inspiration, collaboration and education via talks, content, debates, workshops for volunteers and much, much more to come.


Avis are working on making the car rental industry greener, focusing on sustainable solutions. The partnership between Avis and Roskilde Festival, consequently, is natural. Avis supplies more than 100 vehicles for the festival, making them an important partner in terms of both infrastructure and planning in general.