Multiple shows

Trailtopia – join a dreamy hike for a more sustainable and shared future

  • Sunday 30 June
    Workshop: Trailtopia, 13:30, Flokkr Container #2
  • Tuesday 2 July
    Workshop: Trailtopia, 13:00, Flokkr Container #2

The Green Youth Movement invites you to dream about the future and follow the 'Trailtopia' path from Flokkr to the campsite, where you will find your way to a secret. 

On your way, you will meet a utopian vision for Danish nature with wild meadows, variegated hills, and dense forests. 'Trailtopia' will take you to a place where you can have a break from the hectic festival atmosphere, connect with nature, and be inspired to dream and create new ideas about a more sustainable and shared world. 

The Green Youth Movement is a volunteer-run community for young activists who are passionately committed to global climate justice. In their manifesto, ‘Retfærdig Naturbevarelse,’ they describe their vision for Denmark within the planetary boundaries. 

About Flokkr Lab 
Roskilde Festival has joined forces with the organisations DFUNK, The Green Student Movement, FLOR, The Danish Red Cross Youth, and the artist duo Baum & Leahy in a community we call Flokkr Lab.  

Flokkr Lab is driven by art, creativity, and activism, where young changemakers develop program content aimed at inspiring to participate in creating a sustainable future. 

You can experience all the program content from Flokkr Lab partners during Roskilde Festival. Flokkr Lab is supported by Erasmus+.