Intoxicating meeting of electronic club culture and jazzy afrobeat grooves

  • Thursday 4 July
    22:00, Apollo

Since bursting onto the music scene under the name Barry Can't Swim, Scottish musician Joshua Mainnie has been riding a wave of electronic music where great originality and playfulness go hand in hand with a deep love of the history of electronic dance music. 

From a young age, Mainnie was immersed in music and played a multitude of instruments. However, it wasn't until he began supplementing his formal education with deep dives into the city's electronic club scene as a music student in Edinburgh that he found his home as an artist – not only thanks to his journey of discovery through electronic music, but also because of the community he found in the scene. 

Now he's passing on that musical love and euphoria with his solo project, which, after a pair of impressive EPs, released the acclaimed debut album When Will We Land? on the legendary Ninja Tune label. It combines deep house rhythms and electronic experimentation with an organic feel, afrobeat-inspired grooves, and an almost jazzy approach to music. The liberating and deeply euphoric energy quickly evokes reminders of names like Four Tet, Jamie xx, and Fred again.., but Barry Can’t Swim has proven that he is entirely his own. 

Barry Can't Swim is not only a master when it comes to combining the danceable pulse of the club with eclectic nuance. He also has a great sense of melody that transforms his tracks into intoxicating anthems. He is known as an engaging performer who likes to bring in live musicians to add dynamics to his warmly pulsating songs, and who always creates a deep sense of community with his audience. Now he's ready to make Roskilde dance.