Visionary blend of hip hop and house from queer rap icon

  • Saturday 6 July
    18:30, Gaia

Since releasing his first mixtape in 2011, New York-based rapper Cakes Da Killa has made a name for himself as a key figure in a new wave of queer hip hop. 

However, he is not only an important figure in a cultural movement, but is also notable for his deeply original approach to hip hop, which in his musical universe engages in exciting metamorphoses with large parts of African-American cultural history. 

Cakes Da Killa knows his hip hop history inside out, but also frequently draws on references from jazz and soul. In particular, however, he is known for fusing hip hop with the danceable qualities and thumping pulse of house music. This combination was evident on his acclaimed 2022 album Svengali, which has just been followed up by the brand-new album Black Sheep

As with Svengali, the new album is produced by Sam Katz and features guest appearances from Dawn Richard and Stout. On the album, Cakes Da Killa continues his journey into his jazzy fusion of house and hip hop, and now he's ready to take Roskilde's audience on a spiritual journey through the New York club scene.