Versatile Danish rapper aiming for the stars

  • Monday 1 July
    23:45, Eos

Like a bolt from the blue, Kundo hit the Danish hip-hop scene in early 2023 with the single "7100". The title refers to the postal code of the rapper's hometown in Vejle. A hometown that, thanks to Kundo, is now firmly planted on the hip-hop map. 

In fact, the Vejle rapper has quickly become a name that's hard to ignore. His first EP Bar' En Drøm received wide critical acclaim and introduced an artist who can move from smooth and almost jazzy productions to soulful pop melodies and a more raw and beat-heavy style with elements of trap. 

He has since scored a big hit with the Lamin collaboration "North Face", which was released in early 2024. And if 2023 was a strong year for Kundo, 2024 has already been predicted by Danish critics to be the year Kundo moves up into the major league of Danish rap. 

Kundo has made a name for himself on his recordings by making room for a thoughtful and lyrical side of Danish hip-hop, but he has proven several times that he can also create a solid and inclusive party, including at Roskilde Festival in 2023, where he gave a short but magnetic performance. A performance that immediately whetted the appetite to experience what the talented rapper can deliver in a full concert format. You'll have the opportunity to witness just that this summer when Kundo returns to Roskilde!