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Buy our festival merch

08.07.2024The festival

Forgot to buy our merch at the festival? Fear not! You can now find a selection available in the shop – and extend the memories all year round.

Roskilde Festival 2024 is now over, leaving behind only memories of the music, art, food, and the wonderful festival community. If you're at home feeling a bit of post-festival blues, you now have the chance to buy this year's merchandise in the shop.

With the RF24 collection, you can buy clothing that matches your festival memories. The colors and materials are designed to reflect what you see, hear, and feel at Roskilde Festival. From the glitter party at the campsite and the sunset over the Orange Stage to the green festival grounds.

Use your Orange Orbit account - or create one for free - to get 20% off on selected items from the RF24 merchandise collection. Find the discount code in our app under the Orange Orbit perks. The discount code is active until 31 july at 23.59

Buy merchandise with a clear conscience

With merchandise, we can extend the festival memories and expand the community – all year round. And you can purchase our merchandise with a clear conscience. For decades, we've entrusted Roskilde Festival's merchandise to others, but for the first time this year, we've brought our merchandise business in-house. This means that now we can:

  • Have knowledge of and control over every step in our value chain
  • Support emerging artists and work with new materials
  • Collaborate with inspiring, green, and socio-economic businesses

Just like music, art, and activism, our merchandise has become a platform for experimenting with new and more responsible materials and production methods. The merchandise is crafted with an increased focus on material choices and durable designs, ensuring that you can wear the clothing beyond this year's festival season and for many years to come.