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How to exit the festival with class

06.07.2024The festival

The festival is coming to an end, and many of us will soon be heading home. Here are some tips on how to get home in the best and greenest way possible.

Just as we have partied together, we can also clean up together. To make things easier, we have put together a guide for you – so you can plan your green exit strategy.

Pack Up Your Camping Gear and Belongings

We need to clean up the grounds so they can look good again next year. Pack up tents and pavilions, and take them home so you and your camp can use them again.

If your camping gear is damaged, you can use one of the recycling stations on the grounds. You can see the recycling stations on the map and find the one closest to you and your camp. If you're unsure about where and how to sort your waste, you can always ask the volunteers for guidance.

If you have rented camping gear from us, please return it by Sunday at 11:00 at the various Service Hubs on the grounds (see map).

Sort out Your Waste

Just like your camping gear, we recommend taking your belongings with you when you leave the festival. If you have any waste in your camp, please remember to sort it correctly. As you may know, we sort waste at the festival site into four fractions – just like you do at home.

Rasmus Kongsgaard

Use public or collective transport for your journey home

When you've packed your belongings, camping gear, and waste, we recommend using public or collective transport for your journey home.

Shuttle trains run from Roskilde Festival Station in Camping West throughout the night and until 15:00 on Sunday. You can check the train departures here.

If you're traveling by car, please consider filling it with other happy festival-goers.

Enjoy the final day of concerts, art, activism, and great parties. See you again next year!