Application opening: 1 March.
Application closing: 20 March at 23:59.

Be a part of the sustainable and festive community Clean Out Loud.

Do you want to contribute to create a better environment at Roskilde Festival without compromising ‘the Orange Feeling?’  

Clean Out Loud is a collaboration between Roskilde Festival and Vallekilde Højskole and has been reducing the huge amounts of trash at the campsite since 2011. The project makes Roskilde Festival a cleaner and greener place to be, without compromising the party!  

To make it happen, you need to take part in the eco-friendly process of keeping the campsite clean both during and before leaving the festival. This also includes participation in a festive trash parade! In return we invite you to stay in one of the cleanest and most central spots at Roskilde Festival, where we have saved a spot for you in East.

As a part of Clean Out Loud we furthermore invite you to create and participate in a lot of creative and festive events that will contribute to a party you’ll never forget! 

Do you want to be a part of our festive and sustainable community - Clean Out Loud, you must apply on this site, so we can get to know you better before RF50!

If you want to know more about us, then follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  

Clean Out Loud
  • Location: East (See map

  • Application opening: 1 March 12:00
  • Application closing: 20 March 12:00 
  • Opening date: 25 June 16:00
  • Closed for visitors: No 
  • Clean camping: Yes  
  • Find us on Facebook and Instagram