Roskilde Road Trip

Roskilde Road Trip is for everyone traveling from abroad to the Roskilde Festival who wants to take part in creating a shared festival feeling across borders.


Roskilde Road Trip

Whatever part of the world you are travelling from, and whether you are travelling alone or together in a larger group, you are invited to join our very special Roskilde Road Trip which gives you the opportunity to be part of a community full of foreign festival guests.

Roskilde Road Trip is part of Common Ground, a community camping area shared with Roskilde Festival Højskole. Common Ground will be located in section F in close proximity to Dream City, Central Park and Inner Section.

At Roskilde Road Trip, we will reserve a spot for you and your travelling companions which we ask you to arrive in within 24 hours after the festival opening on Saturday 29 June at 16:00. More importantly, you become part of an exciting community area at Roskilde Festival with the chance to challenge how we camp at festivals when travelling from abroad.

Roskilde Road Trip

  • Location: East (see map)
  • Clean camping? Yes
  • Silent camping? No
  • Application deadline: 3 March at 12:00
  • Expected response mid-March
  • Opening date: Saturday 29 June at 16:00
  • Reservation ends: Sunday 30 June at 16:00
  • Do you have questions? Write us at

How to apply

The applications will be approved on a first come first served basis. Please be aware that you are not secured a spot until you receive a final approval from the organizers. 

The application is open for all ticket holders traveling from outside of Denmark, with no limits on how many people are traveling in a group.

When planning your trip to Roskilde Festival, we encourage you to think about your environmental footprint and be creative. Who knows, maybe through our social channels you can find someone who'd like to join for a bike ride from Malmö to Roskilde, or connect with 50 people from Oslo and rent a bus together?

Roskilde Road Trip will be green and clean. We will be testing different ways of sorting trash and cleaning the area so mother earth doesn’t have to do it for us. You must either bring back what you brought to the festival or hand it in at our recycling stations so that nothing is left behind.

Arrive with ease – rent your camping gear

Avoid carrying heavy camping equipment all the way from home to the festival. Instead, rent it from our shop. You can rent tents, pavilions, air mattresses, and camping chairs—all of good quality at an affordable price.

That way, you don't have to buy cheap, inferior equipment from discount stores, and we avoid it becoming litter on the campsite after the festival.

In other words, everyone wins. Even the climate.

Let’s make Roskilde greener

When we’re living together at Roskilde Festival, we need to keep our community fantastic. This also means that we need to take care of our beautiful festival grounds. We want to break with the throw-away culture. The green future of the planet is our joint responsibility. 

When you actively reduce, sort and recycle before, during and after Roskilde Festival, you’re making a huge difference. 

  • Reduce means to bring as little as possible from home. 
  • Sort means that you help keep the festival clean by sorting your waste. 
  • Recycle means that you take your stuff home and use it again.