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The Caravan Camping area is a special area for guests who wish to spend the night in their campers, mobile homes, etc. The Camping-area offers toilet and bath facilities (requires payment) and room to extend an awning to your camper.  

This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival.  

Please note that you are not allowed to pitch your own tent in the campsite. 

Arrival and access to the area
Caravan Camping will open at Saturday 24 June at 10.00. If you arrive before 10:00 you will be directed away from the area.  

You don’t need a special wristband to enter the Caravan Camping campsite. Everyone with a regular festival wristband has access, but the area is reserved for you all week.  

Rules for the area:  

  • Your vehicle can max. be 7,5 m long and 2,5 m wide. 
  • You are allowed to pitch one awning to each caravan. The total width of the Caravan and Awning must max. Be 5 meters. 
  • Private vehicles can only be used unloading the caravans. 
  • Any kind of open fire is prohibited including candlesticks, oil lamps, etc. You can use your caravan/motorhome built-in gas installations, if your mobile home has a valid gas permit that is less than two years old. No type of generator can be used. 
  • No camping or parking is allowed on the fire lanes. 

On arrival
Upon arrival drive directly to the area. It is not necessary to exchange the ticket to a festival wristband first. After you have settled, please go and exchange your ticket to a festival wristband in the caravan area.  

Caravans must be parked within special safety rules. Therefore, it is not possible to arrive and park the caravans in the nighttime between 21.00 and 07.00. If the caravan is not positioned correctly, the security staff may ask you to move the vehicle. It is not possible to choose a specific area on the campsite, not even if you’re camping as a group. Parking the caravans will take place in relation to a utilization principle. 

Cars arriving with caravans etc. are given a sticker which shows that they are welcome to drive in when the caravan needs to be picked up again. The cars must drive out of the area immediately after they have driven the caravan into place. Pleace notice parking ticket must be purchased separately. They will go on sale during the spring. 

Caravan Camping North (SOLD OUT)
  • Price: DKK 900 per caravan   
  • Location: Caravan Camping North (see map) 
  • Opening date: Saturday 24 June at 10:00, with the possibility of Early Entry from 10:00 to 16:00 (Early Entry can be booked in the spring) 
  • Reservation ends: Never  
  • How to get there: Through Darupvang 
  • Electricity supply: No 
Caravan Camping South (SOLD OUT)
  • Price: DKK 900 per caravan  
  • Location: Caravan Camping South (see map) 
  • Opening date: Saturday 24 June at 10:00, with the possibility of Early Entry from 10:00 to 16:00 (Early Entry can be booked in the spring) 
  • Reservation ends: Never  
  • How to get there: Kampstrupvej, west of Teglværksvej 
  • Electricity supply: No 
Let’s make Roskilde greener 

When we’re living together at Roskilde Festival, we need to keep our community fantastic. This also means that we need to take care of our beautiful festival grounds. We want to break with the throw-away culture. The green future of the planet is our joint responsibility.

When you actively reduce, sort and recycle before, during and after Roskilde Festival, you’re making a huge difference. 

  • Reduce means to bring as little as possible from home. 
  • Sort means that you help keep the festival clean by sorting your waste. 
  • Recycle means that you take your stuff home and use it again.