Roskilde Festival partners up with companies and brands in order to both develop and organise the festival. These partnerships and brands contribute to the Roskilde Festival legacy of being a unique, international event that cannot be copied anywhere in the world.

Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. The strategic ambition is to develop open, cultural and participatory communities that engage and move people through music, art, sustainability and active involvement.

The partnerships, equally, must reflect this strategy. Consequently, the partnerships are based on an agreement of supplying content and activating target groups as well as exchanging principles and competences. The partnerships, accordingly, differ greatly from the principle of traditional sponsorships where a partner merely achieves visibility through payment.

A partnership with Roskilde Festival begins with a dialogue about matching the core values and strategy of the partner with ours and in our frame work. A basic principle for all our partnerships is that the presence of a partner is valued by our volunteers and festival-goers in general. First and foremost this means that we only collaborate with companies and brands who apply to our values. For a company's engagement to meet recognition in our community it is important that they make real change. Thus it is important to make it transparent how the presence of this company or brand contributes to a positive change in the World supported by Roskilde Festival. 

When a partner clearly puts action behind the words, we at Roskilde Festival are proud to include this company or brand in our community, our work and our communication - as an active partner and not just a silent sponsor. 


All enquiries about partnerships with Roskilde Festival can be sent to

For a partnership to become reality on the coming Roskilde Festival, the agreement has to be closed before 1. April. This way we can ensure the quality of the project. 

Our entire strategy for partnerships with companies 2020 – 2022 can be read here (PDF in Danish only)