Roskilde Festival partners up with companies and brands in order to both develop and organise the festival. These partnerships and brands contribute to the Roskilde Festival legacy of being a unique, international event that cannot be copied anywhere in the world.

Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. The strategic ambition is to develop open, cultural and participatory communities that engage and move people through music, art, sustainability and active involvement.

The partnerships, equally, must reflect this strategy. Consequently, the partnerships are based on an agreement of supplying content and activating target groups as well as exchanging principles and competences. The partnerships, accordingly, differ greatly from the principle of traditional sponsorships where a partner merely achieves visibility through payment.

We apply these fundamental principles to all partnerships:

  • The partnerships reflect Roskilde Festival’s general strategic ambition
  • The partnerships ensure the necessary economy for Roskilde Festival’s activities

Roskilde Festival donates all of its profits to social and cultural charities. Social and environmental responsibility is a fundamental, organisational part of Roskilde Festival’s DNA, character traits that the organisation constantly nourish and develop. Partners will take part in this value in a way that cannot be found anywhere else.

Social and environmental responsibility is an area where Roskilde Festival – along with the partners – shows alternatives full of perspective and innovation, showing the way for both target groups and society as a whole.


The way we categorise partnerships is akin to Roskilde Festival’s music line-up with its different artist categories.

  • Key partnership
    Contributes with bigger logistical areas (such as drinks, communications and power supply) and participates with service and activation towards the target groups.
  • Partnership
    Contributes with service content and with concrete activities and projects towards the target groups.
  • Profile partnership
    Contributes with products, service and activities and includes the partners that work with corporate responsibility and sustainability as part of their raison d’être.

If you want to know more about Roskilde Festival’s work with partnerships and brands, please contact Roskilde Festival via e-mail or phone +45 46 36 66 13.