Get your feet festival-ready

29.05.2024The festival

Prepare yourself to feel RF24 beneath your soles as we unveil the perfect festival boots in collaboration with Blundstone.

Just a month from now, we'll be welcoming you to this year's festival, where you can finally surrender yourself to a myriad of experiences on the beautiful festival grass. Are you already planning your festival outfits but missing the perfect pair of shoes to complete the look? Well, we have great news for you!

On Saturday 1 June, we're launching the ultimate festival boots in collaboration with Blundstone, renowned for their quality boots for outdoor activities. This special boot combines comfort and style for your festival experience, so you can focus completely on having fun.

Our collaboration with Blundstone is the classic choice to complete your festival outfits. These boots are both stylish and practical – and they're bursting with that orange feeling. You'll experience optimal comfort whether you're strolling through the festival grounds, dancing euphorically at the concerts, or exploring all your future outdoor adventures.

So, dress your feet and get ready to conquer the festival grounds!

You can buy theese exclusive festival boots in our shop from Saturday 1 June at 12:00