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07.05.2024The festival

Be among the first to arrive at Roskilde Festival 2024 with an Early Entry ticket. Sales go live on Wednesday, May 8th at 11:00.

Do you want to get into Roskilde Festival early, avoid the risk of standing in hours-long queues at the official opening, and secure a good camping spot for you and your friends?

Then get ready to buy Early Entry tickets. Sales go live on Wednesday 8 May at 11:00 – and many of the tickets will sell out quickly!

What is Early Entry?

We'll be gathered thousands and thousands of people when we open Roskilde Festival on Saturday 29 June at 16:00. The Early Entry ticket is your chance to kick off the festival before anyone else and to find the best available spot for you and your camp. The ticket allows you to arrive early, safely, and among the first at this year's Roskilde Festival.

The first arrivals will be admitted at 10:00, which is six hours before the official opening.

You purchase a ticket for a specific time slot. For example, if you buy an Early Entry ticket for the 10:00 time slot, you will be admitted between 10:00 and 10:30. The last time slot is at 15:30.

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There are seven different types of Early Entry tickets:

  • West 

  • South 

  • East 

  • Caravan North 

  • Caravan South 

  • By train from Roskilde Station to Roskilde Festival Station in West

  • By bus from Hillerød Station to Entrance East

Prices and rules

The price for a regular Early Entry ticket without train access is 50 DKK per person. For example, if you want to enter early with three friends, all four of you need an Early Entry ticket.

For Early Entry in Caravan North and Caravan South, you need to buy one ticket per caravan, not per person.

The price for an Early Entry ticket including train departure from Roskilde Station is 75 DKK. You can find information about train departures in our shop where you purchase your Early Entry ticket.

The price for an Early Entry ticket including bus departure from Hillerød Station is 105 DKK. You can find bus departures in our shop where you purchase your Early Entry ticket.

Book Early Entry in East, stay in West

It is possible to cross the footbridge between Camping West and Camping East during Early Entry. This means you can book Early Entry in East and find a camping spot in Camping West.