Do you want to take part in Northern Europe's biggest festival?

Every year more than 30.000 volunteers are creating one of the worlds biggest temporary cities; the festival-city in Roskilde with over 130.000 inhabitants. The strong voluntary commitment is the DNA of Roskilde Festival.

Do you want to become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival? Find a position as a volunteer and apply as described in the openings below. Positions are provided by Foreningen Roskilde Festival, but also by partner associations at the festival.

Openings will be posted continuously on this page once they're ready.

You can also check out this Facebook page: Roskilde Festival – become a volunteer, where new positions are also shared. 


Language requirements: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and/or English

Age requirements: We have a few spots for the 17-year olds, and when these are filled, the requirement is 18 years.

With us, you volunteer for 24 hours spread out over the music days ( June 30th – July 3rd). When you sign up, you have the chance to opt out of 1 shift if you know there are bands you want to hear.

We offer our volunteers food from Wednesday June 30th from 17:00 until Saturday July 3rd in the evening, even if you are not on shift.


We are responsible for ensuring that all toilets on the inner festival area (not the camping areas) are spotless

  • Keep sinks clean by scrubbing with soap
  • Change toilet paper, sweep and remove paper from toilet stalls, clear up around the buildings
  • Ensure that the toilets look nice and do not clog
  • Report “out of order” toilets, things you cannot fix yourselves, or other
  • Change bags for sanitary pads and empty trash bags
  • During the morning shift all toilets must be cleaned thoroughly
  • During all other shifts toilets are cleaned as needed

Read more and sign up here: (page in Danish)