Do you want to be a part of the festival throughout the year?

At Roskilde Festival we have more than 1.200 amazing volunteers, who create the festival throughout the entire year - we call them all-year volunteers. They are the backbone of building the festival, and common to all of them is that they take on an extra responsibility and put a lot of effort into the festival up to, during or after the festival.

Do you want to become an all-year volunteer? Find a position as an all-year-volunteer and apply as described in the opening. Check out the openings below:


Updated regularly

You can also check out this Facebook page: Roskilde Festival – become a volunteer, where new positions are also shared. In the group you can search for volunteer positions and get in touch with other volunteers.

If you are a carpenter, tech guru, journalist (or something else) outside the festival days, we may just have an interesting and relevant position for you. Send your CV to and we will get back to you.