Community Camping is what we call the areas where you sign up for a little extra. If you feel a special responsibility towards the community and would like to give something back (and get something in return), this is for you.

Read more about the Community Camping areas, the camping rules and how to apply in the links below.

Let’s make Roskilde greener
When we’re living together at Roskilde Festival, we need to keep our community fantastic. This also means that we need to take care of our beautiful festival grounds. We want to break with the throw-away culture. The green future of the planet is our joint responsibility. 

When you actively reduce, sort and recycle before, during and after Roskilde Festival, you’re making a huge difference. 

  • Reduce means to bring as little as possible from home. 
  • Sort means that you help keep the festival clean by sorting your waste. 
  • Recycle means that you take your stuff home and use it again.