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Be guided through the music


Feeling overwhelmed by our abundant music lineup? Do you dream of getting to know some of the many gems before you land at the festival? Or do you just want to find everything that suits you perfectly? Then this is your guide.

The Roskilde Festival 2024 lineup is complete! It features 186 names spanning 43 countries, and we have just announced an additional 53 music acts for the lineup (read more about that news here).

Where should you start? Right here! We shine a light on some of the names that aren't from the top of the billing and guide you through continents, prominent styles, and some of the many outstanding shows that you can only discover at Roskilde Festival 2024!

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Hip-hop in every corner

Let's begin with the world of rap and hip-hop, which comes in many shades - also at Roskilde Festival.

Young Nudy
Yes, he is 21 Savage's cousin and has also collaborated with his famous relative, but otherwise, there aren't many musical similarities between the two. Young Nudy's hip-hop universe is psychedelic, sci-fi-inspired, and slimy, promising both a captivating and unpredictable experience at Roskilde.

A rising star of the drill scene, possessing a deeply personal and poetic blend of hip-hop, grime, and drill.

Cakes Da Killa
An original in hip-hop, a queer icon, and a powerful storyteller. Recently, he released the album Black Sheep, immediately hailed by critics. Cakes draws on references from jazz and soul, but house music also dominates the sound.

One of the absolute biggest names in the more cosmic and soul-inspired hip-hop scene. Expect sharp, angry, poetic, and political vibes, but also affirming life-affirming messages, as Noname returns to Roskilde Festival with the critically-acclaimed new album Sundial.

Also worth mentioning here is the cheeky, provocative new star Sexyy Red, the South American sensation Trueno, the prolific boom-bap rapper Estee Nack, and the flamboyant southern rapper Kari Faux.

From staggering rock sounds to the heaviest metal

Get ready for a plethora of profiles defining the new rock sound.

Intelligent and compelling songwriting from the new masters of guitar-driven indie-pop. With strong melodies, poetic lyrics, and a sound that pays clear homage to 80s guitar pop and indie, the Canadian band has established themselves as a strong contender for one of the hottest alt-pop names of our time.

The Last Dinner Party
The epitome of cool. The ultra-hyped Brits released their debut album, Prelude To Ecstasy, earlier this year to great acclaim, garnering rave reviews. The group has also proven themselves as an impressively strong live band.

English Teacher
The quartet possesses the same coolness, swagger, style, and nationality as The Last Dinner Party and could be next in line to ascend to the top tier of the alternative rock scene. Their debut album, This Could Be Texas, is set to be released this Friday, already featuring a plethora of promising singles.

Bar Italia
Crafting quirky and atmospheric songs that delve into alternative music history. Nevertheless, they come forth with an original expression characterized by elements of post-punk, grunge, dream pop, and slacker rock.

Kim Gordon
The New York legend made her mark as a co-creator of the groundbreaking avant-rock group Sonic Youth, and at 70 years old, Kim Gordon is currently making waves with the album The Collection, met with praise from fans and music critics.

Amen Dunes
A praised songwriter who will finally return with his first album in six years in May. Start with the masterful album Freedom from 2018.

An extreme experience right in your face

If you're craving something more vibrant, punky, or explosive, then Wednesday at the Avalon stage is not to be missed, where you'll experience a unique and intimate concert right at eye level.

In an evening dedicated to extreme and punk music, five bands will play right in the middle of the floor for a special floorshow at Avalon. This evening features shows from The Hirs Collective, Prison Religion, Taqbir, Danish band Decorticate and Selvhenter, as well as American group Ragana, who released the album Desolation’s Flower last year, earning the label "Best New Music" from music publication Pitchfork. Anticipate intense shows, dynamic mic changes, and outstanding musicality that hits you in the heart – and right in the face.

You also can't miss Lovebites – Japanese hero metal on steroids(!) – and for something even heavier and darker, you should also experience American metal innovators Tallah and the hard-hitting supergroup Better Lovers, delivering an intense metalcore power demonstration.

Euphoric electronic parties

If you'd rather move your feet and feel the eleation right in the middle of the dance floor, there's plenty of electronic music on the lineup.

This critically acclaimed Welsh brother duo blends techno with 2-step garage, chopped vocals, and pop sounds. Check out their debut album, Good Lies from last year, a journey through modern British club sound. Just like their pal Fred again.. did at Roskilde Festival in 2022, they'll be closing the Apollo stage with a massive party this year.

Barry Can’t Swim
It'll also be festive and touching when the hyped UK producer Barry Can’t Swim performs. Mixing electronic club culture with jazzy afrobeat, he's already been compared to names like Jamie xx, Four Tet, and Fred again.. when it comes to delivering an uplifting party.

Explosive smash-techno from the self-proclaimed nu-gabber-post-techno-punk duo. The Berlin duo is notorious for their wild live shows, blending lightning-fast gabber with pop samples. Remember to stretch your body well before and after the concert!

Sofia Kourtesis
The Berlin-based Peruvian released the album Madres last year, which landed on many year-end lists. Her Spanish-language songs cover everything from sexuality and idnetity to belonging through a mix of house and techno. This summer, she'll give her first Danish live show.

If you're into even more parties and electronic energy releases, be sure to also check out Abadir & Hogir, Róisín Murphy, Nia Archives, Jessie Ware, Lorenzo Senni, Romy, Ran Cap Duoi, and LSDXOXO.

Introspective sounds and vivid, immersive story-telling

Amidst the many high-energy parties, you also need to take it down a notch. Here are some visionary acts that will make you go "whoa".

ML Buch
ML Buch has been praised by music critics both at home and abroad for her blend of futuristic pop and lo-fi rock. An innovative communicator with a magnificent voice, delivering an original and dreamy show.

A visionary songwriter who refuses to be pigeonholed. Eartheater seamlessly switches between experimental electronic journeys, murky trip-hop, and classical composition music. She has collaborated with Moor Mother and Caroline Polachek and will be bringing two brand-new albums, Powders and Aftermath.

Nick Shoulders
An American country innovator with a vocal that whispers like a lonely train whistle in the night, with extensive use of whistling and yodeling. Check out the album All Bad from 2023, a testament to Nick Shoulders' unique vocal and strong songwriting – from bluesy ballads to cheerful country waltzes and lively Cajun inspiration.

Dean Johnson
A country veteran who has spent several years playing in the band Sons of Rainier and finally released his debut album, Nothing For Me, Please, in 2023. The album is packed with tender and longing songs, and it feels as if the songs were written while Johnson was lying on his back, gazing up at a starry night sky.

Kara Jackson
Coming to the festival with possibly one of the strongest debut albums in recent years. Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love has been hailed as a masterpiece in numerous influential media outlets. The songs lean into the folk music tradition of protest songs and exude personal mourning and rare intimacy.

Sam Lee
An English folk visionary who writes love letters to diversity, both among people and in nature. Unfolding acoustic folk, droning soundscapes, and hymnal choir arrangements, he walks the same paths that Nick Drake and Bert Jansch have before him. Look forward to a great voice and an intimate experience.

Shovel Dance Collective
Traditional working-class protest songs meet queer counterculture and a postcolonial and intersectional protest in this collective of nine folk musicians. They bring instruments such as harp, pump organ, banjo, and flute, along with beautiful, unpolished voices as they visit Denmark for the first time.

The new world order

Music traditions from Africa and South America are flooding in upon us in such an irresistible manner. Here are some of the artists that will make you bob in ways you haven't bobbed before:

Bad Gyal
Catalan pop diva who merges European and Latin American music culture like no other. Bad Gyal is a mega star in her homeland and has made dancehall and reggaeton an arena for female empowerment. She brings a spectacular show and her new album, La Joia.

Isabella Lovestory
Dubbed Montreal's reggaeton queen, but originally hailing from Honduras. Her sound is filled with joy and pleasure, and you can expect an entertaining and kinky experience that gets everyone dancing.

Declared one of the 10 most important producers of the 21st century by Billboard. There you have it! The visionary reggaeton producer from Puerto Rico released his first solo album, DATA, in 2023, featuring appearances by Bad Bunny, Skrillex, Myke Towers, Four Tet, and more.

Argentinian rap sensation who blends old school hip-hop and trap with reggaeton and elements of Argentine folklore. In 2022, he delivered a stunning Tiny Desk session, toured with Gorillaz, and is already making a name for himself in Europe. Start with the album Bien o Mal and look forward to more from Trueno in 2024.

Omah Lay
One of the most exciting new Afropop names. You don't just have to take our word for it, BBC and Apple have also thrown this label at the Nigerian producer, singer, and songwriter Omah Lay. He writes catchy and original pop melodies on a foundation of Afrobeats and R&B influences, and a new album is on the way.

Gospel-inspired R&B meets elements of Afrobeats in American Fridayy, who first broke through with features with DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Jay-Z, and John Legend. In 2022, Def Jam released his debut EP, where Fridayy proves he's also a gifted songwriter and producer.

A reggaeton feast at Apollo

Get a shot of the most visionary kind of reggaeton at the Apollo stage, where none other than Rosa Pistola has put together a breathtaking program, which of course also includes herself. Rosa Pistola is a vital force on the progressive reggaeton scene and is deeply committed to conveying reggaeton culture. In addition to Rosa Pistola, you'll also experience a trippy and futuristic take on the sound with Colombian Bclip and Debit, who in 2022 released the critically acclaimed album The Long Count.